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Resource center

Welcome to our resource center. We will be glad to help you any questions you may have in regards to fabrics and textiles industry.

Fabric Dictionary

In this page you will find some useful fabric terminology. Take your time to browse through each section to familiarize yourself with useful fabric terms.

Fabric Care

This page is only for your general knowledge purposes. World Class Textiles does not assume any responsibility for any damages caused to your garment or fabrics. Always read and follow the care instructions and any warning on the garment or fabric label. The following are only general care tips for cleaning and caring for fabrics containing natural and man-made fibers used in apparel and home fashions.

Linen Size Chart

Following page is a chart showing approximate quantity of fabrics you may need for different sizes of table cloth. Please note that every sewing company uses different pattern and may use more or less fabrics. This chart is only for your reference.